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Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Milk of Human Kindness

Our forum fanatics are very concerned at the difficult situation for Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, and have a solution that will make everyone happy. Surely we aren't about to see an outbreak of compassion?

Israel does not need to negotiate a cease-fire for the citizens of Israel to be safe. They simply need buffer zones. ….. Israel needs buffer zones along the green line, along every major road in the West Bank, and around every Jewish settlement and farm.……….In order to establish buffer zones, Palestinian emigration must be nurtured………The time is ripe to assist them in the course of action of their choosing, a quiet, secure, prosperous life, outside the cross fire……..

How very thoughtful.

After September 11 it has become very difficult for Palestinians to obtain visas to Western countries, although professionals and wealthy investors still are desirable. Even then, it requires significant legal work. We have a network of immigration attorneys that have a demonstrated track record in difficult cases. Visas to undeveloped countries require employment offers first and the majority of jobs are for unskilled laborers. Attorneys are set up in Brazil and Argentina to obtain large numbers of visas…………..

A group of philanthropists, no less!

The costs of large scale emigration from Yehuda and Shomron need not cost the government any money and can generate significant revenue for the Israeli government if they sell to Jewish investors land that they purchase and that has clear title, provided that the Jewish owner can build on it and farm it……………..Furthermore, revenue generating joint ventures can be arranged in host countries for large-scale agricultural projects. Many third world countries seek Israeli agricultural expertise. By conditioning the Israeli agricultural project upon employing Palestinian emigrants, emigration of unskilled laborers is not only financed, but generates income for the Israeli government…………..

The 'spirited' people can then work for a pittance in the ‘transit country’, creating profits for the Government that got rid of them. What cruel genius!

This does remind me somewhat of the words of one of Zionisms’ founding fathers,

We shall try to spirit the penniless population across the border by procuring employment opportunities in transit countries…” -Theodor Herzl

And here they are 100 years later, still trying to do it.

As this is a grassroots organization that pools talents and resources from various quarters, we seek other individuals and organizations to participate, whether in funding or offering their talents and contacts to facilitate emigration.
We believe this program is in everyone’s best interests.

Yes, of course, as long as the definition of ‘everyone best interests’ means everyone who counts, ie. Jews only.

Who says that the fanatical Zionists aren’t kind and generous?

Our ethnic-cleansing advocate promotes his website on the Forum, without comment. Well almost. One diehard defender of Palestinians points out what this really is. A ‘Senior Member’ of Israel Forum defends it like this,“the Oklahoma land rush (I forget the year, 1856 maybe?). Thousands of settlers lined up like in a race and waited for the appointed time to simply charge across the border and stake their claim.

So it's actually just an opportunity for riches!

If only the SS were on hand to give some logistical advice regarding the use of trains!

This is already the official policy of the Israeli party Moledet (Moledet is essentially Kach with a name change). This was the leader of Moledet, Benny Elon, on his plan for Palestinian-Israelis,
I will close the universities to you, I will make your lives difficult, until you want to leave”.

Moledet also suggested a Government sponsored program of emigration assistance (for non-Jews, of course) to help facilitate this process, which is the logical end-point of Zionism. And this is directed at Palestinian citizens inside Israel.

Naturally the fanatics see its usefulness in the West Bank and Gaza as well and have less need for discretion.