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Friday, June 23, 2006

Deserving Victims

We’ve been treated to one of the irregular missives masquerading as news from NewsGuy. This time the subject is Palestinian Qassam rockets hitting (occasionally) the southern Israeli town of Sderot.

Israelis at risk of death or injury from Qassam rocket attacks have a just cause for fear. So our Israel Forum mob are up in arms over the comments of Israeli veteran politician Shimon Peres. He has called the protests by residents of Sderot, “hysterics”. Newsguy is flabbergasted at such insensitivity,

while Palestinian rockets continue to rain down, killing children, destroying houses, schools and synagogues with no end in sight.”.

While I agree with the sentiment, the contrast with just a week earlier could not be more stark. Remember the Palestinian civilians killed by Israeli artillery? This is how our fanatical friends responded to that,

looking at it cold bloodedly, now there are a few less homocide bombers and jihadist

To call it a disaster is absolutely improper. This is what happens in war

Hhmmmm, what has happened here?

Now before anyone launches into accusations of 'moral equivalence' or other such nonsense, I’m not arguing that the incidents are of a similar gravity. Clearly, IDF attacks on Palestinians have been far more devastating in terms of death and destruction. The Qassam attacks have killed a total of 3 Israeli’s and damaged scores of buildings (mostly minor). By contrast, IDF 'targeted killings', that’s extra-judicial executions for us ordinary folk, have killed hundreds of innocent bystanders, nevermind the targets of the attacks, who are simply dismissed as 'wanted men' or 'terrorists'.

And that is the key. For the Forum crazies, Jewish Israelis are the only worthy victims, whose blood we should shed a tear over, whose fear we should empathize with. Dead Palestinians? Yes, please.

Our writers detachment from reality is complete, judging by this bizarre statement,

Maybe the Palestinians also need to get used to have their population centers being targeted by missiles around the clock in an effort to stop their terrorists from firing at Israeli towns”.

Yes, if only those lucky Palestinians, living in serenity and luxury, could come to understand the fear and uncertainty of the poor residents of Sderot, maybe then there might be peace.

But, Peres does have a point. After all, this is the reality of modern Zionism. It’s citizens are the canon fodder of the ‘Greater Israel’ vision, encouraged to move out into the illegal settlements in the West Bank and Gaza, amongst a population furious at the confiscation of their land, the destruction of their livelihoods and their imprisonment. So, naturally they strike back at their tormenters. Peres just reminds them of this salient fact, just as Moshe Dayan did years ago,

We are doomed to live in a constant state of war with the Arabs……If we are to proceed with our work against the wishes of the Arabs we shall have to expect such sacrifices”.

That is, while Zionisms ideology of subjugating Palestinians as a pre-condition for redeeming the land for Jews continues, they will continue to resist.