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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Death to the Liberals!

The latest tantrums are about the recent Israeli High Court decision not to overturn the ban on family reunion for Palestinian citizens of Israel. That's right, the Court up held this discriminatory ban, by a vote of 6-5, hence the outrage by our loony friends at Israel Forum; the Court almost stopped discrimination against Palestinians! That is a near disaster.

The ban prevents a Palestinian from the OTs joining their spouse in Israel. In this particular case, the couple already have 2 children, which the court has, in effect, voted to seperate.

Not good enough for the rabid haters, how dare some jumped up judge vote against such a reasonable measure. The main target is Justice Barak, held in high esteem as a liberal voice at the court. In reality the IHC has been a bastion of conservatism, regularly backing the Governments actions in the OTs, by either specifically approving them or declining to disapprove, eg. in the question of the applicability of the 4th Geneva Conventions in the OTs.

This is what the crazies think of Barak,

"That said, Barak is either an outright moron, or an Arab in disguise."

"Barak always pushes for the anti-Israeli, pro-Arab, and anti-patriotic agendas. It is has nothing to do with any sort of 'liberalism' It is plain and simple anti-patriotism."

And now we approach familiar territory. Remember the Leiberman incident? The IFies are keen on 'offing' anyone who might be less than fanatically pro-Israel than they are, even if it is the head of Israels High Court.

"Every decision leading to a less jewish country is a to be called a betrayal……..Thus Barak is a traitor."

Here we go! There is only one direction this is heading........

A lone voice of reason sarcastically comments "maybe someone should shoot him"

To which comes the immediate response,

"I wouldn't care less if someone does."

That's our IFies. Mad as hatters. Zealots and fundamentalist lunatics, advocating death for anyone with a view on the liberal side of Mussolini.