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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Thank God for the Devil.

A regular feature at IsraelForum is an editorial written by the site editor, Michael Rand. The latest is on Hamas' electoral victory, titled "A Deal with the Devil".

In it, Rand celebrates Hamas' victory. Why? Because a Hamas-led PA helps fulfil long-held Zionist dreams,
Israel will be able to walk away with more land, more regional control, and more international supervision of the Palestinians than under any other circumstances".

How does that work? Quite simply,
that Hamas is a terrorist organization, will work to Israel’s advantage in final border negotiations with the Palestinians.The U.S., which is no friend of Hamas, will be less likely to force Israel into far-reaching concessions to the terrorist group than it would in the case of a legitimate Palestinian representative at the bargaining table."

No surprises there. This is why Israel was so keen for Abbas to fail. Widely seen as a moderate, negotiations with him might led to pressure on Israel to make concessions, always anathema to the Zionist dream.

So, is this peace, but not as we know it? You bet.

Rand is happy because "there will be no need to pretend that what is being agreed is real peace", all that matters is that Israel will "walk away with more land".

Thanks for that refreshingly honest assessment Michael.

And the forum discusion? Just the usual......

Even their children’s lives have little value so [Israel]bombing them will have little influence. The only thing they care about is land.
Either they will choose to live in peace or they will be gradually pushed into areas boarding Jordan or Egypt. A second element to this plan would be offer citizenship in the modern world to anyone who will deny Islam. Anyone who would subject themselves or families to these conditions for Islam is by definition an enemy of the modern world. Natural selection at work."

You just gotta love that social Darwinism.

" The point is that were dealing with people[Palestinians] who has no morals, only hate"

"Unfortunately, the guys that run the show continue to indoctrinate each successive generation into hating all non-Muslims. A similar cycle of indoctrination was in operation in Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. It was only broken via millions of dead and leveled cities. ..........I sincerely wish there was another way to accomplish the necessary transition for this backward culture............ We are only a handful of stupid Muslims away from WW4."

It's never too long before the second favourite past-time of Islam-bashing enters the discussion, no matter what the original topic,

"mohammad regularly ordered raids on meccan caravans and kept a fifth of the booty. he regularly initiated wars, slaughtered prisoners, ordered the murder of his critics, conveniently received "revelations" to fornicate with virtually any woman (or child for that matter) on earth, and allowed and participated in the rape of jewish women prisoners."

I just love these die-hard peace-niks, all they want is long as it's not a real peace......and comes with a bunch of land.