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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The British Hatred of Jews

The evil spectre of anti-semitism again raises its ugly head, this time in the seething cauldron of Great Britain.
"It just shows the true, ugly nature of Her Majesty's subjects. Hatred of Jews runs deep in the arteries of the United Kingdom. ……..The anti-Semitic pogroms started in Britain as far back as 900 years ago and continued throughout the British history. It has a culture of anti-Semitism."

What are they on about this time?

A British academic union (NATFHE) has called for an academic boycott against Israeli institutions that don't condemn the Israeli occupation.

For our Forum fanatics, any criticism (much less action) of Israeli policy is anti-semitism. Of course, it's a just a tactic to use the moral force of the charge 'anti-semitic' (which is rapidly eroding by the way) to stifle much needed debate on Israeli human rights abuses and its' four decade long occupation of the Palestinian people and its' refusal to accept a just resolution of the conflict.

Perosnally, I don't think academic boycotts are the way to go, but the criticism of the measure as undermining academic freedom, while correct in principle, suffers a significant deficit in this case when used by Israeli academics themselves.
Why? Because Israel has for decades crushed academic freedoms in the OT's, including closing Universities for months, preventing students from getting to class and expelling outspoken academics. What has Israeli academia done about this in support of their Palestinian collegues - a big fat nothing. Israeli academia's concern for Palestinian academic freedom is zero, zip, nada.

As one Palestinian Professors group noted,
"no Israeli academic body or group has ever taken a public stand agianst the military occupation of the West bank and Gaza".

No doubt there were some people running around in the 1980's complaining of anti-white sentiment and 'anti-South Africanism' in relation to boycotts against Apartheid, but they were mostly rabid supporters of Apartheid. Likewise, our IF fanatics get upset when anyone criticises their right to do exactly as they please with the lives of Palestinians.