Israel Forum Watch; 24-Hour Vilification, Apologetics and Hate from a Fanatically Pro-Israel Viewpoint

Friday, May 26, 2006

What is anti-Semitism?

Anything and everything according to the fanatics at Israel Forum.

Their latest target is a professor at Hebrew University in Israel. The said professor had the temerity to ask the rather obvious question - 'What is a Jewish state?' and suggest that an anaolgy with Apartheid might be appropriate.

A reasonable person might think that such introspection is all in a days work for your average prof.
Not at Israel Forum. An Israeli professor exploring such questions is anti-semitic.

"They hate all what we like.Because, before everything, they hate our chosenness, even, if they will never avow it.The other hatreds built after."

Lets just look at the basic paramters of the situation. Israel actively and systematically discriminates against its' 1.2 million Palestinian citizens, and controls a further 4 million under occupation denying them basic rights. It defines itself as a state of the Jewish people, including those extra-territorial Jews who have other nationalities. It is essentially an ethnic majority state, an ethnocracy.
Or as a Palestinian-Israeli said, Israel is a "democracy for Jews and Jewish for Arabs"

Any exploration of these salient features of the Israeli state, even by Israelis, is anti-semitism. But then that is their answer to almost any critique of Israeli policy or action.

This is a crucial feature of the IsraelForum 'community'. On almost any issue relating to Israel, either internal, or to do with the OTs, forum members, mostly American Jews, have views more in line with the extreme right in Israel than with mainstream Israeli opinion.