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Monday, May 22, 2006

Bombing Iran Part II: Slaughter the Jews

Slaughtering Jews?

This surely has to be the product of some kind of deranged neo-nazi, or in IsraelForum-speak; the evil bloodthirsty Arabs.

Think again.

Fanatical bigots are a bottomless pit of hate towards the object of their loathing, in the case of IsraelForum the targets are Arab people and Muslims in general and Palestinians in particular. But they aren't entirely racist. The reserve a special contempt for one particular group - the Jews! Jews, that is, who fail to be as fanatical as the IFies are.

A forum member had this befuddled comment to make on the Iranian non-story,

"I think it is great when an enemy regime shows its desparation and true color. Yet, there will be a minority of Jews, especially the self-hateful leftist Jews, who will blame Israel and the vast majority of Jews regardless how despicable the enemy is. At the very least they will try to create a moral equavalency between the Jews who are trying to defend themselves and those who are blowing up the Jewish kindergartens."

The point isn't too clear except that there are some Jews who aren't goose-stepping in time with the right-wing crazies at

Then came a response to that comment from someone described as a "Senior Member",

"I am not religious, but I wonder if it is acceptable under Judaism to kill these jews - such as the Neutered Kartei, Peace Now, etc. - who provide political cover for the enemy of Israel.Does anyone know? If so I would certainly advocate jewish groups such as the JDL to simply slaughter this trash at every opportunity."

This is the totalitarian (and murderous) mind at work. Different ideas are simply intolerable, so the holders of them must be eliminated.