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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Bombing Iran

There's been a minor outbreak of hysteria over Iran.

This time it's about the non-story of the Iranian Parliament passing a law that would require Jews in Iran to wear a yellow star as identification.

The story isn't true (see Juan Cole's take on it

It's all part of the war-mongers propaganda campaign to soften up public opinion in preparation for an attack on Iran.

At Israel Forum they love nothing better than to get their knickers in a twist over some alleged world-wide anti-semitic conspiracy. Even after the story had been exposed as false some couldn't help but indulge in long-held fantasies,

"Israel must broadcast to the Iranian Jews, and follow through on, an option to get every single on out of the country and into Israel if they so wish.

Subsequently, if Israel needs to blow things up in order to get landing spots for planes to transport people out of Iran, so be it. But channels should be created so that Iranian Jews can get out."

Yeah, lets blow things up in Iran on the basis of a false story.

As we saw with Iraq, there are no shortage of useful idiots who will fall for this stuff, or find it a useful pretext to advance cherished plans. And there is certainly no shortage of such people at