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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Defending Democracy - "Throw a Few Grenades"

Extolling Israels' alleged democracy and contrasting it with routine tryannies in various Middle East countries is standard rhetoric at Israel Forum.

So just how committed to democratic ideals are our Forum fiends?

The yearly "Salute to Israel" parade in New York gives a clue. Apparantly, each year at this momentous event there is a collection of protesters who do the usual thing; chant a few slogans and wave a placard or two, all in support of Palestinian rights, a just peace and an end to Israeli human rights abuses etc.

Basic freedom of speech stuff, right?

Oh no. Not at Isael Forum.

A regular poster, his forum name debasing the term 'rhodescholar', informs us that these protestors are "cordoned-off......for their own protection".

Protection? From what?

Well, it seems from him!

His own words will illustrate the point,
"I was hoping this year that some intelligent people might get together and attack the verminous filth that appears every year at the NYC israeli day parade"

Err, anything specific?
"My dream is to see someone throw a few grenades"

MLK he ain't.

He seems especially upset by the fact that some protestors are "fake Jews".
What on earth are fake Jews?
"either arch-left or supposed 'orthodox' "

Now I understand. Fake Jews are Jewish people who can think for themselves and have a different opinion than the totalitarian right.

Apparantly some make an effort to counter the protesters freedom of speech, but our nut-job fanatic doesn't think they go far enough,
"I advocate a more direct approach, and would like to see them physically, rather than vocally, targeted".

Well, any other suggestions to any mentally unstable individuals who might be reading?
"or more aggressive items, like acid, were delivered on their persons it might inspire more such actions."

Of course! Let's throw acid at people who have opinions we don't like, and maybe it will inspire others to do likewise.

Let's be kind, maybe he's just tired and emotional and is having a wild rant. Surely he wouldn't be using an internet forum to incite violence. Or would he?
"Perhaps the fact that this board is read by many will lead them to decide enough is enough........will lead to sufficient people stepping up and attacking these dogs."

And finishes up with an appeal for peace and harmony. Of his own very special variety.
"Getting back, my goal is twofold: .........explain to the world that jews are not non-violent sheep who will one day walk into gas chambers again - or tolerate the endless arab violence anymore."

Yes, I think it's quite convincing that he is not "non-violent" and I'm personally quite touched by the heartfelt appeal not to "tolerate ...violence anymore".

Anyone seen the phone? I need to dial 911, or the nearest mental health facility.

Update 1:

'rhodescholar' is not alone.
".....There is a need for a new JDL, or similar organizations, that will actually do something, anything, that actually matters to protect the Jewish community from the anti-Semitic assualt. It is certainly unfortunate that there is such a police presence at these events because it limits what you can do. I participated in pro-Israel rally in L.A. several years ago, and I actually managed to knock one of the enemies on the head, during the few seconds before the police got between the two sides. I think causing physical harm to the enemy........"

Yes, peaceful protesters are a sign of "anti-semitic assualt" and we need a new JDL committed to terrorist acts on the streets of New York.

Well, at least the fanatics at Israel Forum think so.

And here I was thinking they were just fanatical keyboard-warriors, when they are actually out on the streets attacking people.