Israel Forum Watch; 24-Hour Vilification, Apologetics and Hate from a Fanatically Pro-Israel Viewpoint

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Vilification, Apologetics and Hate

You couldn't ask for a better demonstration of the masthead really; 24 Hour Vilification, Apologetics and Hate.

Ironic that it all pops up in a thread on the deaths of innocent Palestinians, believed to be the result of IDF shelling, that is meant to be an Israel Forum effort to show how reasonable they are.

Vilification; this helps to portray others as less than human or less worthy humans and hence violence against them is more acceptable.

looking at it cold bloodedly, now there are a few less homocide[sic] bombers and jihadist”.

Yep, they weren’t women and children that died, just potential “bombers”.

Apologetics; Denying responsibility is all the rage. Israel is forced to act as it does by others, hence they are responsible for the consequences of Israeli actions.

if terrorists were not shooting off Kassams (whatever) the IDF would not be retaliating, and no ones picnic would have been disturbed

it is the fault of the terrorists and the society that gives rise to the terrorists and holds them in high regard

let's not forget if there wouldn't be Arab terror there would be no need for our navy to patrol

Hate; self-explanatory.

Islam is a colonialist, imperialist philosophy of hatred, violence and murder

muslim flith

Innocent? These Arab occupiers and terrorist supporters are anything but innocent.