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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Proud of the IDF

Not today apparantly.

An Israeli shell landed on a Gaza beach killing 7 Palestinians.

This is a complete and utter disaster. I am sure it wasn't intentional, but 12 innocent people killed is not something to dismiss.

I agree

Our Israel Forum fiends know how important appearances are. Hence the cursory lamentations.

But it isn’t too long before their true feelings begin to bubble to the surface.

Is is sad, but you know if terrorists were not shooting off Kassams (whatever) the IDF would not be retaliating, and no ones picnic would have been disturbed. OR, looking at it cold bloodedly, now there are a few less homocide bombers and jihadist. The Palistinians did vote Hamas into power, what the hell did they think was going to happen.?

Not only does the façade dissolve quite quickly, but it’s only a hop skip and a jump to,
I'm sorry for the loss of life of innocent people, but it is the fault of the terrorists and the society that gives rise to the terrorists and holds them in high regard"

That’s right. Those women and children sitting under the artillery shell, it was their fault!

To call it a disaster is absolutely improper.This is what happens in war.

Yeah, totally improper, it’s more like a minor public relations inconvenience.

And naturally, the smell of blood draws out the sharks,
Had they killed 400 million arab muslims, i would have been overjoyed.
The arabs they killed, if asked, would have said that if hamas had the power to slaughter 100,000 - or 4 million jews - they would have enthusiastically declared their support for a strike of this magnitude.
The only thing that is keeping israel from being exterminated is their weapons, once the arab filth believes that it can again be competitive with israel, say iran with an atomic weapon - the all-out massive wars will start again.
Before you start this BS about feeling sorry for lost civilians, as the above poster eloquently said, if the arab filth wasn't firing rockets into israel, then israel wouldn't feel the need to respond.

Normal service is now resumed.

A few make half-hearted attempts to restrain our mad friend, but he is undeterred,
Face it, the monstrous muslim filth wants to kill all of you, and subjugate those they cannot kill as slaves as they did for 1,400 years.
I will not wait until this mass of filth rises again to behead/enslave me as it did to those of the past.
The only way to deal with this scourge, as in the case of their Great Leader Zarqawi, is to eliminate them. If you feel that realistic thoughts of this nature - the only kind that can ensure the perpetuation of Western civilization - are "not jewish," or "barbaric," than I feel sorry for you.
Hopefully, as the terrorist atrocties like 9/11 multiply, in the US, Europe, and elsewhere, with the muslim masses applauding, there will be fewer and fewer individuals like yourself who prefer using soft language and candies to persuade those who seek to destroy you."

The usual rank apologetics pop up.

the IDF is certainly obliged to investigate this matter and they must leave no stone unturned to ensure that it won't happen again. But having said that, I defy anyone to show me any war anywhere in which innocents don't become casualties.

After every atrocity…….no wait, sorry,….. sometimes, when an atrocity is bad enough to grab headlines, the usual mantra of ‘investigations’ is chanted by the faithful. The investigations are of course, carried out by the IDF and routinely end in nothing. Often the hyped ‘investigation’ is quietly dropped once the media interest dies down.

All-in-all a typical example of Israel Forum apologetics; very sorry, didn’t mean it…but it was their fault….had no choice…..investigation…will never happen again.

Until of course, the next time.