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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Islam: "Just like Satanism"

Another favourite activity at IsraelForum is one that I haven’t touched on much yet. And that is Islamophobia. It may be more accurate to describe as a hatred of Islam and Muslims. Whatever it is, a few quotes will give you the general idea.

There is no forgiveness in Islam

the Arab and/or Muslim wars and genocide against the indigenous people of the middle east is still ongoing today

Islam is the only “Religion” in the world in which the believer is not actually responsible for their own belief, the God is. The fact is that only an irrational mind can contain such concepts. I think this is nexus of why Muslims have not progress very far from their 7th century roots.

In summary, “Allah” is a Monster of a God

Over and over Islam preaches that those who are not in the Dar al Islam are to be subjugated

The level of internal contradictions within the "Perfect" Koran are astonding. It’s almost as if it jumbled collection of hastily thrown together ravings of an illiterate murdering thief.

Islam is a totalitarian ideology………..Islam's victory is Islam's domination of the world.

an evil political ideology called Islam

Islam is more of a totalitarian political ideology

Islam is a perversion of monotheism, just like Satanism

you think you can moderate Islam and control it, but this monster is uncontrollable

u muslims should be ashamed for being soo barbaric

a cult that is created by a psychopath and honors the memory of a monster

write against it, ridicule it, and even ridicule its proponents. Islam cannot be reformed, but it can be eradicated.

Thanks for that guide to interfaith dialogue, IsraelForum style.