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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Bombing and Crying - for Israel.

The last few weeks, starting with the killing of civilians in the Gaza Strip, interspersed with Palestinian and Hizbollah attacks on Israeli soldiers and finishing with the recent Israeli killing of hundreds of Lebanese has been an orgy of the usual apologetics, excuse-making and hate at IsraelForum.

First we have an attempt at some routine apologetics for Israels massacre of civilians in response to attacks on its military.

It is good that people are shocked and dismayed by the hurt and deaths of innocent civilians. Therefore, it is understendable when they raise their voice of protest when they witness large numbers of civilian casualties and suffering. However, it is somewhat simplistic to just stop and to focus just on this outcome at the exclusion of everything else.........."Heads the terrorists win" because they sap Israeli morale by continuously terrorising, hurting, maiming and killing a few Israeli civilians at a time. "Tails Israel loses" because when Israel reacts, they get chastised by the world for a "disproportionate response"!

What a terrible chastisement that Israel has suffered. And so effective in making it alter it's murderous policies. Isn’t this great, the Forum fanatics think it’s OK for people to be “shocked” that Israel kills hundreds of civilians in response to 2 attacks on military targets that killed only soldiers. But, as they point out, it would be “simplistic” to spend too much time dwelling on that. And really, whatever the outcome, it's poor little Israel that really suffers.

What puerile rubbish! Hundereds of dead civilians, and we should feel sorry for Israel because it's accused of being, oh the horror, disproportionate.

Naturally, it descends into the usual hate-filled bigoted rubbish,

Arabs are like dogs. Dogs like to fuk in public places. Arabs like to show their corpses in public places.They have no dignity.

What a lovely requiem to the innocent Lebanese and Palestinians killed by Israeli military attacks, from our rabid bigots at IsraelForum.