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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Fighting Terrorism: "target more Palestinian civilians"

A much loved topic of the Forum fanatics. Naturally they have a somewhat narrow interpretation of what terrorism is – basically anything Palestinians might do to resist Israeli occupation. In fact, even just living in the same geographical space as other alleged terrorists in enough to qualify for punishment according to our fanatics,
Since the pal civilian population is harboring the criminal terrorists, who violated the Geneva Conventions by crossing an internationally-recognized border from Gaza into Israel, why SHOULDN'T they be made to suffer for their choice of terrorism rather than reconciliation?
Of course, Israel should deliberately target the Palestinian civilian population to make them change their behaviour…..uh, isn’t that terrorism?

As you can see while the IsraelForum crowd is extreme, they aren’t especially well informed. Israel adopted the collective punishment policy decades ago.

And Israel’s current brutality in fighting ‘terrorism’ is, in their opinion, highly flawed. Why? – because it isn’t brutal enough!
I wish Israel would target more Palestinian civilians. When a rocket is aimed at Israel, I wish the IDF would send 100 rockets back. Sooner or later these Palestinian Arabs would learn that the price for terrorism is too high. I want a new policy of 100 rockets into Gaza for every Arab rocket aimed at Israel!
More confusion – this has also long been Israeli policy!

Someone has a novel solution to the problem of the IDF killing so many Palestinian children,
It is obvious that Hamas uses Palestinian civilians, especially children, as unsuspecting martyrs, for propaganda use against Israel. The IDF returns fire, and PRESTO, Palestinian children wind up dead, where there weren't any before. These depraved, subhuman acts by Palestinian fighters should surprise no one.If the IDF would do sustained shelling for any attacks against Israel, sooner or later Hamas would run out of Palestinian children to kill.

That’s right - Kill them all, so then no more can be killed.

It’s hard to believe they actually post this vile garbage, but it’s interesting to see what the crazy pro-Israel bigots will say when they think they’re talking to the like-minded.

Friday, September 15, 2006; 24 hr Vilification, Apologetics and Hate.

Here's a quick review of the IsraelForum contribution to peace and understanding in the Middle East.

Palestinians hate their children. They are not like ‘us’.

It is an example of Pal Arab culture, and what they teach their children. From pointing toy guns it quickly becomes throwning stones, then maybe firebombs (while both providing coverage for older boys or young men with real guns ... and if there are people with toy guns and people with real guns and you are recieving fire from that area, imagine the probability increase that the child with the toy gun gets hit, and the sheer evil of the terrorists who exploit this) and scouting ahead for terrorists cells, to, by the time the boys are still 15, 16, 17, using guns and taking parts in the attempted murders themselves. That is the Pal Arab way. That is how they use their children

And not only do they recklessly risk the life of their children, these non-humans deliberately murder them, just to make Israel look bad,

In this case, depraved Palestinian gunmen murdered six young children in order to blame it on Israel. This happens all the time. Hamas and the other violent, criminally insane, inhuman gangs would kill hundreds of thousands of their fellow Arabs if Hamas could get it's financial and political gains.It is a good tactic, and one befitting of Arabs, to murder your own young, in order to blame it on a peaceloving, civilized neighbor.

A large number of Palestinian children have been shot dead by the IDF over the past 6 years. Clearly, the most moral army in the world is completely blameless.

The responsbility for their deaths thus lies soley with the Adults who indoctrinate, educate, encrouage and/or force them to go out into the known war zones and not the soldier who pulls the trigger.

After Palestinian militants captured an Israeli soldier, the Forum fanatics had some interesting ideas on appropriate responses,

Hit Syria – make the animals pay

On Arab society in general, we are treated to their deep understanding of human nature.

You can't humanize a society if it doesn't want to be humanized……., a culture of violence and hate and victimhood, no political initiatives or reform, persection, racism, xenophobia.

Another lesson in humanity, tolerance and understanding from

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I’ve often pondered the exact purpose of IsraelForum. I don’t mean in general terms, as it’s quite obvious that it strives to maintain a strong pro-Israel voice on the internet. The question in my mind was, how does it attempt to do this.

Israel and Israel-advocates have long recognised that the court of public opinion is an arena of vital concern. Historically, Israel has enjoyed a relatively criticism free existence in this respect. Despite the current fad that ascribes all hostility to Israel as coming from the ‘left’, prior to 1967 Israel was the darling of this same ‘left’. This began to undergo significant change after the Six Day War, when Israel became an occupying power and was further accelerated by the 1982 invasion of Lebanon and the 1987 Palestinian Intifada. While world public opinion was important, public opinion in another sphere was undergoing a similar change – in the Jewish community itself. Dissident voices were increasingly Jewish voices.

A vital part of Israels’ appeal to public opinion was the phenomenon of ‘Exodus’ history.
Especially in the US, Leon Uris’s novel would provide a rough reckoning of the knowledge of many people regarding Israel and its’ creation; heroic pioneers fresh from Nazi Germany, striving to make the desert bloom in a land of swarthy and hateful Arabs. This narrative was one where only the new Israeli Jews had a voice. Palestinians were at best a backdrop, part of the scenery, at worst, they didn’t even exist, as Golda Meir asserted. However, events of the past few decades raise questions and introduce doubts into the mythological narrative of Zionism.

IsraelForum is an attempt to reinforce that mythology which is in danger of being exposed to new truths and a compelling Palestinian narrative that is also one of dispossession and injustice. The target is primarily those who still remain loyal, at least partly, to the myths and the aim is to keep them there, protected from uncomfortable truths.

Hence, the forum continually recycles the same ideas; Palestinian otherness, Jewish right to the land, the moral IDF, Israeli striving for peace, Jewish victimhood, the historical justice of Israel, claimed recentness of Palestinian immigration etc. All reinforcing the basic tenants of an ‘Exodus’ style mythological history, while at the same time dehumanising Palestinians and deligitimising the Palestinian narrative. So insecure is the Zionist mythology that it can tolerate no competition.

The idea being, that if that narrative is sufficiently well instilled, it will be impervious to other narratives that clash or compete with it, just as the bodies immune system will identify and reject foreign bodies.

Jewish voices of dissent are particularly threatening. But it doesn’t matter if a small number remain outside the fold, in fact they can be held up as aberrations, anomalies on the fringes which can actually reinforce the dominant narrative. The principle of herd immunity means that as long as a sufficiently high percentage are immune, a disease/virus will not spread easily despite some members of the herd being susceptible. And undoubtedly, the Palestinian story is seen as a dangerous virus by the pro-Israel zealots, one that has to be guarded against. And the best way to do this is to portray their story solely through the lens of terrorism, of a violent and fanatical people who kill without reason, or from blind hate.

So IsraelForum isn’t just a crude propaganda site, which it is, it is also a location for a community to maintain and strengthen a shared outlook, to indoctrinate against a perceived threat, to instill immunity against a foreign invader. IsraelForum is an innoculation against the notion of Palestinian humanity.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

A Just Peace: "kick all the arabs out"

IsraelFroum has a thread section, titled ‚ 'Peace Think Tank' which is, not surprisingly, one of the quietest in terms of posting. So what do the Forum fanatics see as a peaceful solution to the conflict? Here are a few examples from a thread titled “A ‘Just Peace’ or a Practical Durable Peace?”,

There is only one truly just solution: for Israel to kick all the Arabs out of Israel and the disputed territories. This is the only just and moral solution that will bring about a true peace.
Ah, ethnic cleansing. What a curious understanding of just peace they have! Or maybe they have confused "peace" with "piece", as in a piece of land. They don't want a just peace, but just a piece, ie the entire West Bank. As God ordained, no doubt.
Because this is what the whole conflict is about--it is a matter of Arab colonists wanting to take over our native land. Sending them back home, to their own countries is the only truly just solution.

An all-time favourite of the fanatics – Palestinians are occupying land that belongs to Israel, and of course to any Jewish person anywhere in the world who would like to ‘make aliyah’. If only those Palestinians would go back to ‘their country’ everything would be OK.

A ‘moderate’ (relatively speaking) responded to this idea,

from the Israeli point of view it would be: "biting the bullet", making a difficult decision and attempting to solve the problem once and for all! However, IMO, even most Israelis would not consider such a solution to be just, at least not at this time.

Yes, my sympathies too would lie with Israel in having to make this hard decision. The people at the pointy end of this? – as usual the untermensch don’t figure much in the fanatics thinking.

A new member, self-described as a Palestinian, jumps in at this point and makes the stunning suggestion that a just peace might be achieved by actually implementing the internationally recognised solution, ie a return to ’67 borders, a Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem and removal of the illegal Jewish settlements. Which results in the following outraged response,

hope all of you leftist peacenik Israelis in here get a good look, a long hard look at this post and see the face of Palestinian Ungratefulness and Denial exhibited above in this post. You gave, gave, gave,expelled your own people, put "peace" above all else, and this is what you get back: more threats, more demands, not even a a glimpse of gratefulness or understanding.
Ahh, the ingratitude! 40 years of land theft, expulsions, torture, killing and repression, and those damned Palestinians still aren’t grateful! They still “demand” the return of their own land. Can you believe it?!

After that brief interlude, the IsraelForum peace talks continued,
Removing the Arab population to their own native lands is just from the impartial historical perspective--this is where they truly belong, and where they can live among their own people, in their own ways.

As the saying goes, "no Arabs=no terrorism."

Yes, let's put the Palestinians "where they truly belong" - somewhere else, so the Israelis can just get on with longing for peace.