Israel Forum Watch; 24-Hour Vilification, Apologetics and Hate from a Fanatically Pro-Israel Viewpoint

Friday, September 15, 2006; 24 hr Vilification, Apologetics and Hate.

Here's a quick review of the IsraelForum contribution to peace and understanding in the Middle East.

Palestinians hate their children. They are not like ‘us’.

It is an example of Pal Arab culture, and what they teach their children. From pointing toy guns it quickly becomes throwning stones, then maybe firebombs (while both providing coverage for older boys or young men with real guns ... and if there are people with toy guns and people with real guns and you are recieving fire from that area, imagine the probability increase that the child with the toy gun gets hit, and the sheer evil of the terrorists who exploit this) and scouting ahead for terrorists cells, to, by the time the boys are still 15, 16, 17, using guns and taking parts in the attempted murders themselves. That is the Pal Arab way. That is how they use their children

And not only do they recklessly risk the life of their children, these non-humans deliberately murder them, just to make Israel look bad,

In this case, depraved Palestinian gunmen murdered six young children in order to blame it on Israel. This happens all the time. Hamas and the other violent, criminally insane, inhuman gangs would kill hundreds of thousands of their fellow Arabs if Hamas could get it's financial and political gains.It is a good tactic, and one befitting of Arabs, to murder your own young, in order to blame it on a peaceloving, civilized neighbor.

A large number of Palestinian children have been shot dead by the IDF over the past 6 years. Clearly, the most moral army in the world is completely blameless.

The responsbility for their deaths thus lies soley with the Adults who indoctrinate, educate, encrouage and/or force them to go out into the known war zones and not the soldier who pulls the trigger.

After Palestinian militants captured an Israeli soldier, the Forum fanatics had some interesting ideas on appropriate responses,

Hit Syria – make the animals pay

On Arab society in general, we are treated to their deep understanding of human nature.

You can't humanize a society if it doesn't want to be humanized……., a culture of violence and hate and victimhood, no political initiatives or reform, persection, racism, xenophobia.

Another lesson in humanity, tolerance and understanding from