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Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Anti-Semitic ICRC

Uncovering anti-semitism is a major task at IsraelForum. An entire section is devoted to this vital task. Now they have found it, of all places, at the International Committee of the Red Cross.

The Jerusalem Post provides the vital clues for the Forum fanatics,

International Committee of the Red Cross President Dr. Jakob Kellenberger devoted the vast majority of a Jerusalem press conference Thursday to Lebanese civilian suffering and little to that of Israelis under attack by Hizbullah.

At the press conference, held at the American Colony Hotel in eastern Jerusalem and attended almost entirely by foreign correspondents, the Swiss national spoke extensively and with emotion about the deaths, injuries and lack of food and water among the Lebanese population, but did not mention the fact that the war was started on July 12 by the Iranian-trained Hizbullah militia, which killed eight soldiers in a cross-border attack, abducted two others and rained rockets on northern Israel.

I have a wild suggestion to make here. Is it just possible that the vast majority of civilian suffering is being done by Lebanese civilians? Let’s see, in southern Lebanon they have little access to food and medical supplies, no electricity, the IDF has promised to bomb any vehicle on the streets, so people can’t leave and the Red Cross is having great difficulty getting in, and up to 1,000,000 people are displaced from their homes. In northern Israel, people have bomb shelters, food and water, electricity, full medical services, all roads and bridges are open, and Israeli civilians can be evacuated south by air-conditioned buses without threat of being bombed off the road. Though I have heard that Israeli civilians are being keep awake by the noise from the IDFs constant shelling and bombing raids.

The evil ICRC also have made suggestions in the realm of arithmetic, that appear to be anti-semitic.

He added, however, that "over 1,000 civilians have died in southern Lebanon," hinting that it was a significantly larger toll compared to the 40 civilians plus more than 80 Israeli soldiers who have died.

Really? On what basis can the ICRC hint that 1000 is more than 40. The nerve!

And how do our forum fiends react to the enormous civilian suffering in Lebanon (granted that it doesn’t match that of Israels poor civilians),

Enemy's population not getting sufficient medical help? I call that good news.
Yeah, it's always good when it's "them" who are dying.