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Friday, August 18, 2006

Selective Outrage

The herd at IsraelForum are deeply concerned over the death of innocent civilians. Just look at the outpourings of sympathy/grief/rage over the death, or even endangerment, of Israelis from Palestinian terrorism.

one must seriously question whether the new Israeli government has gone mad in expecting people to just go about their daily lives while Palestinian rockets continue to rain down, killing children, destroying houses, schools and synagogues with no end in sight.

Another hearbreaking attack by savages.

The attacks continue to prove that Pals are nothing more than savages who want terror

Consequences should be established for every death of an Israeli

7 mortar shells fell on Gaza today. The world is silent, I suppose, because no Jews were killed and therefore there is little opportunity to alternately cheer and blame the victims.

casualty figure revised according to channel 2: 27 people injured, most suffer from light injuries except one who is in serious condition

Being such fine upstanding individuals, they must be deeply distressed by the deaths of over 1000 Lebanese civilians. How could it be otherwise when they have such noble sentiments on the subject.

lebanon should have been carpetbombed like dresden instead of sacrificing these young guys

All armies……..aim to disrupt the communications and the supply lines of the opposing forces. The IDF too has had to do this in order to soften up the resistence of Hezbollah.

Hezbollah aggression is responsible the deaths of hundreds of Lebanese

Hizbullah wanted a war and it got itself one; unfortunately the rest of the country went down with it. Well, who cares.

I say go for it - let the whole country disintegrate and fail. Let the 'Lebanese Army' try to stop Hezbollah and have the whole thing erupt into a civil war. That suits me fine. Let them go all the way down to cannibalism.

Hezbollah is the enemy and lebanese are helping them. Hezbollah has to be taken out and lebanese civilians are casualities of war.

They are a bunch of terrorists and must be taken out completely no POW no trial just kill them then and there. Of course anyone guilty of hiding/assisting a terrorist is also culpable and hence lebanese civilians (shias) are fair game? Don't you agree?

Oops. Something’s gone wrong. How could it change all so quickly? A forum regular has this to say about Lebanese people (and we can assume it applies doubly so to Palestinians),

You're animals and savages and we expect no better of you.

Such a shining example of what the forum fanatics refer to as ‘moral clarity’!