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Saturday, September 09, 2006

A Just Peace: "kick all the arabs out"

IsraelFroum has a thread section, titled ‚ 'Peace Think Tank' which is, not surprisingly, one of the quietest in terms of posting. So what do the Forum fanatics see as a peaceful solution to the conflict? Here are a few examples from a thread titled “A ‘Just Peace’ or a Practical Durable Peace?”,

There is only one truly just solution: for Israel to kick all the Arabs out of Israel and the disputed territories. This is the only just and moral solution that will bring about a true peace.
Ah, ethnic cleansing. What a curious understanding of just peace they have! Or maybe they have confused "peace" with "piece", as in a piece of land. They don't want a just peace, but just a piece, ie the entire West Bank. As God ordained, no doubt.
Because this is what the whole conflict is about--it is a matter of Arab colonists wanting to take over our native land. Sending them back home, to their own countries is the only truly just solution.

An all-time favourite of the fanatics – Palestinians are occupying land that belongs to Israel, and of course to any Jewish person anywhere in the world who would like to ‘make aliyah’. If only those Palestinians would go back to ‘their country’ everything would be OK.

A ‘moderate’ (relatively speaking) responded to this idea,

from the Israeli point of view it would be: "biting the bullet", making a difficult decision and attempting to solve the problem once and for all! However, IMO, even most Israelis would not consider such a solution to be just, at least not at this time.

Yes, my sympathies too would lie with Israel in having to make this hard decision. The people at the pointy end of this? – as usual the untermensch don’t figure much in the fanatics thinking.

A new member, self-described as a Palestinian, jumps in at this point and makes the stunning suggestion that a just peace might be achieved by actually implementing the internationally recognised solution, ie a return to ’67 borders, a Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem and removal of the illegal Jewish settlements. Which results in the following outraged response,

hope all of you leftist peacenik Israelis in here get a good look, a long hard look at this post and see the face of Palestinian Ungratefulness and Denial exhibited above in this post. You gave, gave, gave,expelled your own people, put "peace" above all else, and this is what you get back: more threats, more demands, not even a a glimpse of gratefulness or understanding.
Ahh, the ingratitude! 40 years of land theft, expulsions, torture, killing and repression, and those damned Palestinians still aren’t grateful! They still “demand” the return of their own land. Can you believe it?!

After that brief interlude, the IsraelForum peace talks continued,
Removing the Arab population to their own native lands is just from the impartial historical perspective--this is where they truly belong, and where they can live among their own people, in their own ways.

As the saying goes, "no Arabs=no terrorism."

Yes, let's put the Palestinians "where they truly belong" - somewhere else, so the Israelis can just get on with longing for peace.