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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

“Death Camps” in Gaza: A PR problem.

Our fine examples of humanity apply their collective wisdom to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza,

“What should be done about Gaza? I think it should be completely cut off, and there should be a law prohibiting any contact whatsoever with any residents of that territory. They should be given a deadline by which their electricity and water will be cut off. Obviously, there should be no supplies or anything at all delivered to them through Israel. They can do it through Egypt, or they can all starve to death for all I care.” - Kettlewhistle

Harsh? Oh no…

“The terrorists and their supporters in Gaza definitely deserve to starve to death, but the problem is that Israel cannot sustain images of Palestinians looking like the Jews liberated from the Nazi death camps.” – NewsGuy

Just an image problem then? But a little lateral thinking can get around such pressing public relations concerns,

"In terms of a plan, Israel should assassinate a high profile Hamas operative, then at his funeral, as thousands of Hamas terrorists gather, drop a dozen or so 1 ton bombs on the crowd of terrorists.. " – NewsGuy