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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Peace with Syria?

The forum fanatics endlessly drone on how Palestinians and neighbouring Arab countries don’t really don’t want peaceful co-exist with Israel, Well, for some time now, Syria has been making loud overtures to Israel for a peace accord. The parameters of a potential deal are well-known, return of the occupied Golan in exchange for full peace. What do the Forum crazies think of this?

Anyhow, I do hope that if some insane [Israeli] leader will try to pull that off, somebody will shoot him/her. IMO, giving away our homeland is the red line a leader has to cross to deserve to be shot. – Kettlewhistle

Ah, the sweet sounds of peace……..a shot rings out in Rabin Square again, an Israeli PM lying dead on the ground. The threat of peace avoided again.

All the usual suspects are running scared from the awful threat of peace with Syria.