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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Orientalism 101: "The Arab mind"

It’s been a while since I’ve visited the foetid swamp that is IsraelForum, being otherwise engaged with slightly more substantial subjects over the last few posts. But let’s go back and see what variety of bile has been spewing from their mouths.

On Lebanon,

Terror for terror - bomb for bomb. Where did they think this would lead? I fully support this, why don't they? Every rocket in Israel produces one random bomb strike on civilians in in Lebanon.

Vilification of Palestinians remains in vogue,

The fact is that the Palestinians, who despise their children, have a long and murderous history of sending bombs in children's backpacks.

And the terrible threat of peace with Syria, as proposed by President Assad, is met with the usual longing for peace that charaterises our insane forum fanatics,

On Avi Dichters [Israels Public Security Minister] suggestion that peace with Syria would be worth returning the Golan Heights, “Ditcher should be shot” - Kettlewhistle

And finally an insight into a mind, but not the one the writer suggests,

I guess to the arab mind that's the same thing as holding to an agreement you just made yesterday. Not being arab myself I don't have any insight into the cultural nuances of lying and being a murderous sh**thead. - Mediocrates