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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Fighting Terrorism: "target more Palestinian civilians"

A much loved topic of the Forum fanatics. Naturally they have a somewhat narrow interpretation of what terrorism is – basically anything Palestinians might do to resist Israeli occupation. In fact, even just living in the same geographical space as other alleged terrorists in enough to qualify for punishment according to our fanatics,
Since the pal civilian population is harboring the criminal terrorists, who violated the Geneva Conventions by crossing an internationally-recognized border from Gaza into Israel, why SHOULDN'T they be made to suffer for their choice of terrorism rather than reconciliation?
Of course, Israel should deliberately target the Palestinian civilian population to make them change their behaviour…..uh, isn’t that terrorism?

As you can see while the IsraelForum crowd is extreme, they aren’t especially well informed. Israel adopted the collective punishment policy decades ago.

And Israel’s current brutality in fighting ‘terrorism’ is, in their opinion, highly flawed. Why? – because it isn’t brutal enough!
I wish Israel would target more Palestinian civilians. When a rocket is aimed at Israel, I wish the IDF would send 100 rockets back. Sooner or later these Palestinian Arabs would learn that the price for terrorism is too high. I want a new policy of 100 rockets into Gaza for every Arab rocket aimed at Israel!
More confusion – this has also long been Israeli policy!

Someone has a novel solution to the problem of the IDF killing so many Palestinian children,
It is obvious that Hamas uses Palestinian civilians, especially children, as unsuspecting martyrs, for propaganda use against Israel. The IDF returns fire, and PRESTO, Palestinian children wind up dead, where there weren't any before. These depraved, subhuman acts by Palestinian fighters should surprise no one.If the IDF would do sustained shelling for any attacks against Israel, sooner or later Hamas would run out of Palestinian children to kill.

That’s right - Kill them all, so then no more can be killed.

It’s hard to believe they actually post this vile garbage, but it’s interesting to see what the crazy pro-Israel bigots will say when they think they’re talking to the like-minded.