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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Get Carter........and Baker.

There’s an outbreak of hysterics following the release of Jimmy Carters book ‘Palestine: Peace or Apartheid?’, and the Iraq Study Group report lead by James Baker.

The crime of these two establishment stalwarts, is their failure to toe the Israel-first line. Imagine, this pair of fools think that US policy should, first and foremost, serve the interests of the US. Such naivety!

Onto the hysterics,

"it's an act of classic anti-Semitism, pure and simple. The proposal is, basically to treat the Jews as the world's communal slave who can be ordered around on the whim of others".- KW

"appeasers. For the Democrats, Jimmy Carter stands out while the Republicans have the likes of Baker" – Reffo

They’re horrified that anyone could dare suggest even discussing the Israel-Palestine conflict without Israel present ,

"To discuss the future of a Jewish state by excluding a representative of said State is in blatant disregard for their right to self determination, and that is in fact, anti-Semitic" - redcake.

So of course they’d be dead against any one-sided imposed plan like…… er…..unilateral disengagement??

The ISG report stirs our heroes to WWII comparisons, ie Baker is an appeaser,

"people like Baker and their ilk think sacrificing Israel to the Islamofascist wolves will bring 'peace in our time' to the US".- Yala

"Chamberlain treated Cheslovakia on the eve of WW2, as a sacrificial lamb for 'Peace in Our Time' ....."- Reffo

One thing you can be sure of at IsraelForum – never an original idea.

It’s an amazing response that reconfirms (to me at least) that these guys are our modern day equivalent of the Stalinists. Everything must be about, and for, the object of their undying adoration. Anything less than 100% support is treason.

Carter and Baker are no starry-eyed idealists, but pragmatists from the realist school of international relations. They aren’t especially interested in justice for the Palestinians, they simply recognise that the current situation is harmful to the imperial interests of the US. They expect US policy to serve those interests, and where it doesn’t, they advocate change. Hence the ISG suggestion that the Golan Heights should be returned to Syria in exchange for peace with Syria. But our Forum fanatics have zero interest in peace –‘better the Golan without peace than peace without the Golan’.

Snap! Maybe it was just too obvious. All I can say is that I thought of it first. Yes, Chris Hedges’ article is dated Dec 20, but I wrote mine last week and only got around to posting it yesterday. Honest.