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Monday, February 04, 2008

Gaza, The Final Solution: “Kill Everyone”

Yes, it’s been a while.

The recent events in Gaza seem like a good opportunity to return to IsraelForum to see if the nature of the commentary has undergone any….moderation?

A senior member starts off a thread,

Hamas has floated the idea of using similar tactics to what it did on the Rafah crossing to flood into Israel.

Israel needs to be prepared for such a mostly non-violent attempt to destroy Israel's sovereignty and/or create a huge PR disaster against Israel…….use rubber bullets and tear gas, and arrest the Pal Arabs by the THOUSANDS. Literally. The goal would be to take any Pal Arab who crosses the board, handcuff them, and get them into the prison camp - arrested for illegal entry into Israel.

That’s far too touchy-feely for some,

Why arrest anyone? Any horde stupid enough to cross into a sovereign land of another people, during a state of war especially, should be met with violent instant death. Thats what we call an invasion. Shoot them dead. All of them, their sheep and goats. Cover the cadavers, one and all with dog manure and anthrax.

And he’s not the only one,

the only prudent thing would be to do anything that is necessary to stop such an action. If you have to fire on the crowds to get them back over the border, then so be it.

But as usual, the smell of blood brings out the sharks,

we can take preliminary measures and kill everyone in Gaza.
problem solved.
WB next.

All of which passes without comment, let alone censure, from the forum ‘moderators’.

And why wouldn’t it, advocating mass murder on the scale of the Holocaust is just par for the course for the racist extremists at IsraelForum.