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Sunday, April 29, 2007

More Zionist Dreams: "to invent some sort of deadly germ that'll only attack Arabs"

One of the craziest from a crazy bunch is a regular (KettleWhistle) who became a senior member on the strength of his boasts about his support for Yitzhak Rabins assassination and how he desecrated Rabins grave.

KettleWhistle is in heaven after 2 Israeli’s are beaten up. It’s OK, as they are just “left-wing activists” and they were assaulted by settlers in Hebron. He calls this “defending the homeland”.

These people are not benign hippies. They are aiding the enemy. …….. It's a matter of defending our land and people from enemies and traitors.

And in response to someone referring to an incident where a settler attacked a Swedish peace activist with a bottle,

Yes, I heard about it. That should teach her a lesson.

Others join in to lament the terrible idea of Jewish Israelis having any human feeling towards their neighbours,

..they are traitors, and for an israeli to be a pacifist is to directly give aid and comfort to the enemy, ................... There is no reason to allow "democracy" to be the way bad Israelis sell the place out to the Arabs.

KettleWhistle returns to defend the idea that ethnic cleansing and democracy are compatible,

and it is not undemocratic to kick the Arabs out

And then shares his tolerant views on Israeli peace types,

These people are not any sort of "hippies". They are vile supporters of terrorism.

And then on Palestinians,

As for taking their kids to school, and what have you, if the Arabs want their kids going to school, want to grow olives, and do other such things, they need to put diapers on their heads, get on their camels and donkeys, and head out East. This is Israel, not Ishmael.

Yes, if you’re an Israeli-Palestinian, you have no business sending your kids to school, or growing olives, in Israel.

But wait, it gets 'better'. Another forum fanatic has a brilliant idea,

Look, my wildest dream is probably to invent some sort of deadly germ that'll only attack Arabs but we both know this isn't going to happen and there are international laws everyone must obey, and don't forget they too believe it's their homeland. I suppose there's no "right" and "wrong" here.

Our main fanatic suggests a more nuanced plan,

Quite frankly, if I had something like this in my possession, I'd give them an ultimatum, not actually release it out.

Don’t laugh, he’s serious, as shown in a subsequent post,

We are well past the point where property purchases mean much, or anything for that matter. It's time for action. For example, I'm trying to organize the Jewish youth in the area [Hebron] to set up some action groups to block MDA from reaching the Arabs. If Arabs want medical services they can build their own. So, the initial plan is to basically stand in front of the ambulances and not move, not matter how much they yell, or honk. By the time the police/IDF arrive, the activists will start to avidly, but peacefully, argue with them to stall some more. Meanwhile, the next action group will be ready just down the road. I'm really hoping that we'll be able to implement this within a year or so.

Maybe I should reconsider calling them ‘fanatics’, it might be a bit tough on fanatics.

This is the side of the fanatical Zionists that the world really needs to see to understand why peace is so elusive in this conflict.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

They have a dream: “The coming war with Islam”.

This is the stuff of the pleasant day dreams of our forum fanatics. Nothing brightens their day like wistful thoughts of ‘war with Islam’. Though you do wonder what war against a particular religion would look like. Maybe they’ll just destroy mosques and burn the Koran. Let’s see what insane ideas they have for us.

drop a couple of neutron's and lets get on with our lives...

Sweet, aren’t they?

The real question is what are the best ways for civilized democracies to survive the barbarism that comes out of the backward, brutal, radical Muslim world.
How can the civilized world ( any nation, not just Israel ) deal with radical Muslims, who obviously lack human compassion, and have no souls or normal human feelings. If the radical Muslim world is not stopped, it will destroy the civilized world, and then everyone on this planet will be living similar to the Muslim world, in poverty, in misery, in brutal, backward dictatorships.
I believe that the civilized nations must do everything possible to rid this world of the cancerous threat from the radical Muslim world. If that means sending agents into every other nation of this world to do it, then so be it. It must be done.

Yes, Islam is taking over the world reducing it to barbarism, therefore we must kill, kill, kill, in the name of civilisation. But then, they aren’t actually human like us, so it’s OK.

Of course, the forum fanatics are not without their own brand of sophisticated moral philosophers,

Instead of quibbling about a few lives here and there, why not just FIGHT? "Utter savagery" is required to defeat the enemy, no matter WHOSE side you are on. To pretend differently is to lie to and weaken yourself. To expect to fight a surgically precise war is absurd. So many people act as if legalistic micro-management of each human action in the war between cultures will solve anything. This is a large struggle but the tendency is to overly analyze each trivial event. The West is fond of this, and while navel-gazing may be entertaining it doesn't smash the enemy ranks. That takes shot and shell.
Human processes are sloppy, wars are sloppy, and cultural wars are VERY sloppy. Let's admit that there will probably be hundreds of thousands of casualties once the war gets up to speed. To admit a thing is not to welcome it, but to understand it!
Let's ACCEPT that resolution is beyond debate, and start considering how the side we choose may seek advantage. Culture war erases the fundamental need for the subjective construct of "right". We try to inculcate the concept of "right" to make sheeple behave. This works fine among social groups where people need each others cooperation. It is not a useful invention for a struggle where an enemy must be destroyed. Self-imposed obstacles fall away when we choose, with considered forethought, to stop imposing them. Since we fight an obstacle free opponent (not because he is obstacle-free, but because his desired end-result differs from ours) we should not tie our own hands for academic reasons.
The war with islam is not because of the name we call one of its techniques ("terrorism"), but because we do not prefer the society it produces. Let's not confuse process with result. If we are willing to fight, that implies a willingness to sacrifice ourselves as individuals. If that is an acceptable sacrifice, so is collateral damage. Collateral damage is people. Tough excrement.

Yes, that’s right, the war with Islam has, as it’s goal, the elimination of an entire society. Would trains and work camps do the trick?

Hmmmm, straight-jacket, or chemical restraint……which is best?